Mrs. Lyons' Class Week 9

Math, Science, Social Studies

October 12th - 16th

This week is the last week in our nine weeks so we will be wrapping up loose ends.

We have informal assessments for our report card check lists that are very time consuming, so I will be planning skill building activities for the students while I complete these one-on-one individual student assessments.

In math we will be working on several addition strategies.

In Science, we will finish the last few topics in our nonfiction study on Bats and will begin a nonfiction study on Spiders.

In Social Studies, we will be working in our Maps, Graphs, and Globes workbook.

LOOK FOR FIELD TRIP PERMISSION SLIPS TO COME HOME ON MONDAY! Please return as soon as possible so that we can pay the deposit to confirm our reservation.

Test Schedule

No unit / chapter tests this week.

Homework Packet

Due on or before Friday 10/16

Packet includes:

  • Math 5.1- 5.4
  • Science: Parts of a Spider diagram

Review Excel lesson of the day and 5 minutes each night on Rainbow Facts

Math This Week:

Chapter 5: Addition Strategies

  • Counting On to Add
  • Use a Number Line to Add
  • Use Doubles to Add
  • Using Addition Strategies


count on, number line, double, addends

(Students will make index cards with vocabulary words for review)

Excel Lessons: 34-38

Please use the link above to review / play games if your child needs extra help in math.

Click Here For Unit 2 Extra Practice

We are on Ch. 5 this week.

Unit B: Animals

We will finish our units on Bats on Tuesday, and will start a nonfiction unit on Spiders on Wednesday.

Monday: BumbleBee Bats - Close Read & Highlight with Writing Activity

Tuesday: All About Brown Long-Eared Bats and All About Vampire Bats and a Bat Booklet Craftivity

Wednesday: SPIDERS! ( Yucky !!)

  • Differentiated Mini-Books "All About Spiders"
  • Close Reading in Science (Read multiple times and highlight important details)

Spider Vocabulary:

web, arachnid, spinneret, thorax, abdomen, feelers, egg sac, prey, spiderling

Bat Craftivity

Big image

A Sneak Peak to our Upcoming Unit: A Nonfiction Study of Spiders!

Social Studies

We will be working in our Maps, Globes, and Graphs book in class as well as talking about our Social Studies word of the day.

Social Studies units start in November and/or mini lessons on special events.

November Units: Pilgrims, The Mayflower, The First Thanksgiving Play

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