Team "I'm Possible"

June News and Updates

The I'm Possibles

I think it encapsulates the nature of the business! Anything is possible-it is all up to you!

It is taken from a quote from a fellow fashionista, Audrey Hepburn, and packs a power punch! I wanted a team name to be uplifting and fun. Every play on the word jewelry was used by other teams in some way so I went in a whole new direction. I hope you all like it! I believe that anything in life is POSSIBLE and that you have to believe it to achieve it! So onward and upward for team I'm Possible!

Team Challenge

In the spirit of our new team name I challenge each of the members on my team to get one more show on the books for JUNE. Seems "impossible"? The extra $50 for hostesses is a huge draw, especially if someone was already on the fence. Reach out to all who said, "Not right now". Inspire them with that extra $50! It is a great deal, plus the DOT Dollars- for every $50 spent in June your customers get $25 back in DOT Dollars to spend in the first week of July! We can do it. I am having a slow month myself so I will be challenging myself to get at least one more on the books!

Top three in Sales this month will receive FREE Fall Lookbooks from yours truly! I have early buying power so you'll be the first to get them and spread the word about the new gorgeous Fall line! (you pay the shipping) Also- for every $1000 you sell in June you receive a bonus $100 in jewelry credit from S&D!

So Far...

Tara $472

Wiesje (&M) $316

Rachelle $175

Jennifer $160

Nora $143

Janine $113

Welcome new fashionistas!

Our team has grown by two! Congratulations to Janine and Sharon who sponsored their first stylist! Welcome Amy and Dorothy. Make the most of your JUMPStart and get as much free jewelry credit as you can!

Hoopla! July 13-18

Nora, Janine and I will be attending Hoopla a this July! It is a great business builder and so much fun I hope every year we will have more of our team there- a grow your business and yourself! We will view the new Fall collection on the runway which is always so exciting! Sample purchasing period will be during that time as well so stay tuned to the lounge for that date. You will want to get your samples ASAP as some do sell out quickly.

IMPORTANT: For those on my team who haven't sold at least $250 in the last 3 months the opportunity to purchase at 50% off will not apply. Get out there and sell a little jewelry so you can get in on that great deal! Deadline is June 30th.

Hoopla 2012- Wonderland