Super Fun Aunt Elda Lab

Find out if too much anesthesia killed aunt Elda!

How to make a 50% Solution

1. Get 100 mL of water.

2. Measure out 50 mL of anesthesia.

3. Add 50 mL of water

This gives you a 50% solution of anesthesia since half of it is water and half of it is anesthesia.

Beers Law

The Beers law relates the attenuation of light to the properties of the material through which the light is traveling. Which would be the colorimeter shining light through the cuvette.

Did the Anesthesia Kill Aunt Elda?

Yes, Aunt Elda died from too much anesthesia. If you take over a 40% mix of anesthesia it can kill you. It most likely shut down her lungs and she never woke up. We could find this out by taking a bunch of premixed solutions where we knew the % of the solution and putting them in the colorimeter to see what Aunt Elda was the closest to.