Math Club

By: Matt Nicholson


Our math club is a very ordinary math club. We all conform to what everyone else is doing in the club. We never stray away from the majorities opinion. We have a few people of authority in our group, but mostly the president and the math club teacher carries all of the authority. So the other people in the math club with no authority have to be obedient to these leaders. Our group as a whole doesn't get sucked into group think, we all seem to know whats right and whats wrong. Group polarization in our group is very prevalent, this past week we had to think about who was going to a math competition and the list of people changed at least three times through discussion. We often do math problems in the club and like in the Asch experiment many of the younger members agree on an answer even if they know that it's not right, they just want to fit in.
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