Going Google

Without Going Crazy - Volume 1

Google Tip: Printing an Email

Think before printing . . .
  • Must this email be printed?
  • Is a paper copy really necessary?
  • Remember that it's possible to keep a virtual "paper trail".

In your Inbox, click on the cog/wheel and choose "Settings" from the drop-down.

Click on the "Labs" tab from the top menu.

From the list of labs, scroll to the "Create a Document" lab.

Click the radio button to "Enable" this lab.

Be sure to click "Save Changes" at the bottom of the page.

Open an email message.

Click the boxed arrow.

Now choose "Create a document" from the top of the page.

Now you can print the resulting document.

  • Click Ctrl + P
  • Click the printer icon
Go to File>Print

What's New in Google

Google Documents Research Pane

Did you know that Google introduced a new feature in Google Drive’s Documents recently called Research Pane?
You can access this new tool in Google Documents by highlighting a word that you would like to research, then right click it to select research from the dropdown. Instantly you have a Research Pane on the right side of your document. You can hover your mouse over the content in the Research Pane to do the following: Preview, Insert the Link, or Cite the information into a footnote of your document.
What to give it a try? Go to this document highlight an item and give it a test drive.