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Mid November Newsletter

Dear CISD Families and Community

I want to wish you all a happy Thanksgiving! This holiday is a perfect time to take a breather, reflect on the great things in life, and to give thanks for our blessings, so I hope that you all take this upcoming week to rest and have a wonderful time with family and friends.

See you back on November 29th!


Andrew Peters

CISD Superintendent

November 19 Weekly Wrap

November 15 Board Brief

The November 15th regularly scheduled Board Meeting was called to order at 6:00 pm with the pledge and prayer to follow.

Public Input

Kim Cedidla - The parent of a CISD student gave concerns about the discipline. Makayla Gerland - The community member and parent gave concerns about staff. Janice Easter - The community member and employee of CISD gave concerns about staff. Tanise Faust - The community member, parent of CISD, and CISD employee gave concerns about how she doesn’t feel secure in her teaching position. Becky Zwernemann - The community member, former CISD parent, and current grandmother of students in CISD gave concerns about the Athletic Handbook and how it should include that peers should respect each other. She stated that the school district will have to regain trust from the community.

Mr. Foster thanked all public input.

Superintendent Report (Information Only)

*Student/staff Recognition - There were no staff or student recognitions to present.

*Covid 19 Update - One student and one employee are currently positive for COVID.

*Enrollment - There are currently 1,834 students enrolled in CISD.

*Finance Report - Monica Hinojos, the Business Manager, gave the financial reports. Percentage wise, the district is on track but there will be some amendments for moving money to different departments. The fund balance is still on track.

*Child Nutrition Report - Everyone is eating free, and the cafeteria is doing well. CISD is serving over 1,000 lunches and 400 breakfasts a day. $240,000 is wanted for a budget amendment to move to food services

*Bond 2018 Bond Report - Robert Gadbois gave what's remaining, which is the AG renovation. The canopy is still behind due to a delay in materials. The turf on the baseball and softball fields are on target and on time.

New Business (Action Items)

*Consider and Approve Contract with T.F. Harper and Associates for Construction of Tennis Courts and Concessions/Restroom Facilities - Robert Gadbois stated that all of the projects, such as the new seats in the auditorium, parking area, etc., have all been able to be completed, so by approving T.F. Harper and Associated for construction the tennis courts will begin. All board members approved the contract.

*Consider and Accept the 2021 Financial Audit - Nathan White gave the financial audit. ESSER 1, 2, and 3 were looked at, and there were no findings of concerns. The district’s Fund Balance was of no concern and was doing well, with 8 months of expenditures in the Fund Balance. Overall it was a good audit with no findings. The Board approved the audit.

*Consider and Accept District Improvement Plan - The Goals and Performance Objectives were reviewed. The Goals remained the same with some adjustments for the Performance Objectives. The Board approved the District Improvement Plan.

*Consider and Accept Transportation Handbook - Brady Beavers, Director of Operations, went through the Transportation Handbook and highlighted key topics, such as discipline procedures and consequences. The expectations of the students on a bus were outlined,such as no loud music, distracting lights, and sitting appropriately in the seat were detailed. All Board members approved the Transportation Handbook.

*Consider and Approve Chromebook Purchase - The Chromebooks will be purchased through ESSER money. The Board approved the purchase of more Chromebooks.

*Consider and Approve Local Policies Regarding Early Childhood and Dyslexia - All Board members approved the local policies regarding Early Childhood and Dyslexia.

Consider and Approve Update to Policy 118. The Board will accept Legal and Local policies as presented.

Consent Agenda - All Board members approved the minutes and budget amendment as presented.

Executive Session

Consultation with Attorney and Discussion Regarding Personnel Investigation Results TGC 551.074

The Board Meeting adjourned at 8:41 pm.

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