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10/5 - 10/9/15 Edition

Innovation is Often Lacking in Education

In April, I attended the Iowa Technology Conference in Des Moines, Iowa. The keynote speaker was Buddy Berry (twitter @Buddyberry), a superintendent in Kentucky, who was one of the most engaging and innovative keynote speakers I've ever seen. While he was speaking about innovation in education and creating magic in schools daily, he was also conducting a full blown cooking show; he would seamlessly bounce back and forth between his passion for cooking (while literally cooking a dish) and his passion for education. Some of his key ideas and takeaways were: Be Disney World - Create the Magic Everyday, Make Education Fun, Innovative and Liberating, Be Willing and Able (and ENCOURAGED by admin.) to Take Risks (Again, Be INNOVATIVE).

Some of the ways that he and his school district have been innovative include: completely overhauling the elementary buildings artwork to be Disney World themed, they built a playground equipped with a slide in the high school cafeteria, they installed WiFi on all of their school buses, and they provide PD for their teachers that encourages creativity, innovation and new age teaching including technology (like "Teach Like a Pirate").

We are very fortunate in our school to have access to a variety of technological tools. As the video at the bottom points out, our kids are so stimulated these days by media that technology in the classroom is a must to educate the kids of this generation properly.

As the video below also illustrates, the old fashioned factory assembly line model of education does not and should not work for our kids.

I hope that throughout this year and beyond, our goal of creating a culture of support and innovation comes through and that you feel supported and free to be innovative and try new and fun ways to engage students in the content. Education is and should be a fun journey full of innovation, excitement, energy, and "outside the box thinking".

Let's be like Disney World.

1. World-class knowledge and skills

2. Performance-based learning (authentic assessments)

3. Personalized learning

4. Comprehensive systems of learning supports (MTSS)

5. Student agency

6. Anytime, anywhere learning opportunities

(Eminence K12 Schools)

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Be Innovative and Inspirational Every Day!
Changing Education Paradigms

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