Room 102 and All the Things We Do!

Classroom Happenings from March 1st - March 5th

What a GREAT week! :)

The students had a very busy week, working hard reading about the Revolutionary War in their history textbooks, writing point of view sentences/essays and reviewing math facts in addition and subtraction! Students seemed very excited to learn about our nation's history! Also, the maths facts seem to have improved substantially since our last review. 90% of the class received a B or higher on their timed quizzes! I am very impressed with their improvement. Be sure to keep practicing flash cards at home! The hard work has been paying off! Writing was more of a struggle this week. Students were not as excited about writing as they were history! We learned the differences between first person, second person and third person and tried to write our own sentences using each point of view. I will be assigning students fun writing prompts to which they will have to write an original essay using whatever point of view they are given! The prompts are silly and fun but will require students to really show that they know their stuff about point of view! Hopefully this will spark their interests more than before! Overall, I feel as though the student's effort, enthusiasm and progress was positive for all.

Below are two great review videos about our history lessons this week! Feel free to watch along with your students!

Below the two videos is a red button that will take students to a review quiz about all we learned this week about Point of View! Don't worry students. it is NOT GRADED. But, it IS a quick and easy way to make sure you understand what you were taught or a refresher in case you forgot!

"A Brief History of America's Independence: Part 1" (Revolutionary War) - 321Learning
School House Rock American Revolution Lesson - The British are Coming

Some Highlights...

Coming up NEXT WEEK! :)

Next week, we will be continuing to learn about the Revolutionary War and our Founding Fathers. In math, we will be moving on from addition and subtraction to multiplication and division. Try to review flashcards for both of these, if possible! Students will continue working on their Point of View essays and will learn about ways to improve their writing through vocabulary, transitions and more! Also, field trip forms are due on Tuesday of next week. Feel free to email me if you would like to volunteer to chaperone or with any other questions you may have!