Drugs Can And Will Kill!

Imagine This

Imagine that you're with your friends and they decide to do drugs. What will you do? Make the same mistake as your friends? Or will you stand up and just say "No." Drugs have killed many people and they are illegal too! Let's look at some examples.


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Ecstasy is a stimulant, they speed your body up and sure it may look colorful and bright but it is practically the opposite when someone takes ecstasy. First of all what does this drug make you do? Well see the way it looks, you wouldn't guess this does something horrible, would you. It makes you clench and grind your teeth also your body temperature gets dangerously high. Now you may be wondering why they have stamps on them that make them look fun and happy, well drug dealers put stamps on them to make them seem that way, although it's dangerous to take this illegal drug.


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GHB is a depressant, what depressants do is slow your body down also doesn't GHB look a lot like water? Well this drug is colorless, tasteless, and dangerous. GHB stands for Gamma Hydroxybutyrate. GHB can cause people to go into a coma and sometimes die. This drug is very dangerous and since you could mistake it for water, you need to be careful of this also illegal drug.


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LSD is a hallucinogen which basically do what the name implies and it may not kill you right away, but the things you do on LSD will kill you. This drug will take over you're mind and cause hallucinations and also cause you to hear things that aren't there. The things that you see and hear can cause you to do very dangerous things that possibly kill you and others too!


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Inhalants are actually just basic household items but when people inhale it on purpose it is dangerous. So this may not be illegal since they are household items but when used like this it's very dangerous. Inhalants can cause slurred speech, dizziness, nausea, vomiting, loss of consciousness, and brain damage. And don't worry if you use them for their usual purposes then it won't damage your health.


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Heroin is a narcotic and narcotics all contain opium or opium substances. Heroin can be sniffed, injected, or smoked, but it is always dangerous. Heroin is also a highly addictive drug and can cause blood clots, organ failure, and a number of diseases.

Back To The First Question

Remember my first question? "Imagine you're with your friends and they decide to do drugs. What will you do? Will you make the same mistake as your friends? Or will you just say "No." Now that you know what drugs can and will do to you if you take them what is your answer to my question?