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Principal: Jennifer Frederico

Assistant Principal: Suzette DeMarchi

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Principal's Message

Dear Petway Parents,

December truly lived up to the Spirit of Giving. Our Patriots gave the gift of song, sharing, and time throughout the month of December. Our many December Events were a great success. Santa and Me was so much fun. Our winter concert was absolutely fabulous. Thank you to all who came out. It is so nice spending time together with all our Petway families.

January brings the New Year and a renewed sense of fulfillment. Focus on positive resolutions. Always completing homework, trying harder in school, being kind even when it is hard or eating healthier are all important steps to having a great year. I wish everyone the perseverance and commitment needed to stick with your resolutions.

As the cold weather approaches, please remember to bundle your child up. We want to be sure all our Patriots stay warm and healthy.

As always, we have many great events planned for January. Grades three through five will be participating in Career Day on January 20. Community speakers will be visiting Petway to talk to students about their careers. This is a great opportunity to speak with your children about how important it is to do well in school so they can reach their goals for the future.

As our Patriot Pride Trait for January is Acceptance, Petway School will celebrate Multi-Cultural Night on January 28th. Come and learn about the many different cultures within our school. This is a time to discover and appreciate each other.

As the month comes to a close so does our second marking period. Students still have plenty of time in January to try their hardest and work towards good grades for the second marking period. If you have concerns about your child’s progress, please do not hesitate to contact your child’s teacher. We are here for you.

I hope everyone has a safe and healthy holiday. My warmest wishes are offered to you and your family over our winter break.

Happy Holidays,

Mrs. Jennifer Frederico

Character Corner


Definition: Recognizing and respecting differences, values, and beliefs of other people.

Quote: It is not our differences that divide us. It is our inability to recognize, accept, and celebrate those differences.

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Kindergarten News

Kindergarten students are looking forward to 2016! They had a blast learning about all the different December holidays. In January, students will learn about the famous author Jan Brett. They will continue to work on building their first sight word list and sounding out the words. In Math, they have started teen numbers and addition in the fives frame! Kindergarteners know 2016 is going to be a GREAT year!

C-13 Thank you to all of our parents for helping their children to become Reading Rock Stars by returning the 'take home books' each night!
C-15 Thank you to parents who are donating to our basket for the PPSA bingo basket auction this month.
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Kindergarten Students of the Month are Jeremiah Barrett, Logan Hall, Jackson Rivera and Gianna Donoflio.

First Grade News

First grade is learning how to write friendly letters. They are also learning about animals that hibernate and migrate. For the holidays, students learned all about traditions celebrated around the world during the month of December. Happy Holidays to all! See you next year!
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First Grade Students of the Month are Belen Jimenez, Yeulisenia Mendez Rodriguez, Vernon Planter, Jiovani Tribbett, and Tymere Jamison

Second Grade News

Our second graders are putting the pedal to the metal and filling their schema with knowledge! In Science, students are continuing their studies on matter and mass. In Writing, students just wrapped up their non-fiction group research project and are excited to move on to their new genre, opinion writing! Students will be great at voicing their opinions about their favorite book! In Math, they will be moving into Geometry and studying sized objects like three-dimensional and two-dimensional shapes. Second grade staff and students hope everyone has a wonderful holiday and break!!! See you next year!

C-3 Thank you parents for donating the delicious treats to our holiday celebration. It was very much appreciated. I hope everyone has a happy and healthy winter break! See you next year!
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Second Grade Students of the Month are Nicholas Forcinito, Adrion Diaz, Dominic Mercado, and Ashley Cruz. Missing from photo is Christopher Serrano Sanchez.

Third Grade News

Students have been working very hard in all subject areas! In Math, students have been working with measurement. This includes perimeter, area, and landmark data. In Reading, students have been practicing their reading skills using sequencing and text features. In Writing, students are currently composing a fictional narrative writing for the holiday season! They are a delight! In Social Studies, students are learning about different types of communities. They are currently working on an in-class project in which they are identifying the differences between rural, urban, and suburban communities. Which type of community is Vineland? Ask your student!
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Third Grade Students of the Month are Gerardo Perez, Alma Bautista Hernandez, Tommy Jones, and Addison Trimble.

Fourth Grade News

Fourth graders are excited to work on their service learning project. In December, they explored the idea of rewarding children for healthy eating. Students were able to view a debate held by our fifth grade partners. This naturally connected with fourth grade writing for the second marking period. Students are working on constructing opinion essays. Students also continued to learn about New Jersey and even had the opportunity to create a model of the state. In Math, they have been learning more about decimals and multiplication algorithms. Of course, for some of our Patriots, the door decorating was their favorite part of the month. The fourth grade hallway looked amazing!

A-10 Thank you to Mr. and Mrs. Ganio for the FABULOUS FEAST for Thanksgiving! We are very THANKFUL for YOU!
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Fourth Grade Students of the Month are Evan D'Arrigo, David Beamer, Julianna Smaniotto, Summer Demore, and Mileyna Pagan.

Fifth Grade News

Fifth grade has been keeping busy as usual! In Math, students have started exploring the world of fractions. Chapter 5 begins with basic fractions and mixed numbers, converting mixed numbers into improper fractions and vice versa, and finally, finding equivalent fractions. Students will continue with fractions from the next few chapters so make sure they are constantly brushing up on their basic multiplication facts! it is a huge help when working with fractions. In Writing, students have entered the research writing unit. Students will be researching famous American Revolution heroes and creating power point presentations. In Social Studies, students have started learning about the Revolutionary War. In Reading, students have finished their first core novel, The Phantom Tollbooth. It was a well-liked book across the fifth graders. Students will be learning about point of view in literature before beginning their second grade core novel, My Brother Sam is Dead, which classes will begin reading after winter break. It is always exciting to see how enthusiastic the students get about reading our novels. They truly enjoy them. Reading is all about finding the right book! The fifth grade teachers would like to wish all families a happy and healthy new year. All students should be ready to learn even more in the new year!

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Fifth Grade Students of the Month are Isabel Gonzalez, Nyzaiah Mercado, Natalys Rios, Gabriella Vega, and Sebastian Mercado. Missing from photo are Giovanna Amato and Jaida Williams.


Happy Holidays!!! In Math, the students just finished a unit on decimals. They learned how to add and subtract decimals to the thousandths place. In Science, the students recently finished learning about growth and survival of plants and animals. In groups, students will use the digital tool, Nearpod, to create an interactive lesson on an insect or amphibian that goes through the stages of metamorphosis. In STEM, they are working on a forces and motions unit. Students have engineered a fishing rod and a sweeper using the LEGO simple and motorized mechanics kit. In Language Arts, they just finished reading My Brother Sam is Dead, are working on a STEM challenge where they must design and build a model of an important location from the book, and are gearing up to start our third novel: Fever 1793. In Writing, students are getting ready to publish their research reports on a notable figure from the American Revolution. In Social Studies, they are finishing up a unit on slavery in America and learning about the events leading up to the American Revolution.

We found our Students of the Month whose pics were missing!

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Door Decorating Contest

During the month of December, Petway had a Christmas door decorating contest. Students walked the halls to check out all of the doors to choose the winners. 1st place was a tie between Mr. Ruef/Mr. Volpe and Mr. Mulholland, and 2nd place went to Mrs. Holt. It was fun and festive and all the doors looked great! Thank you students and staff for your participation!