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The Spartan government had two kings rule at one time, they also had 28 people on the so called counsel. The 28 people were one of the highest people in the city. Their counsel had 4 branches of their government. It contained the legislative, judicial, financial, and executive duties.
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Spartan Culture

Some of the foods they would of ate were... fish, lots of meat, honey, cheese, milk, water, and fine wine. The spartan religion was just like most of Greece. That ment that their religion is called Polytheism. The schooling of Spartans was rough for the boys at the age of 6 they were sent off the boarding school.
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Spartan important buildings

Some important buildings of Spartan life was their theaters Spartans loved them and they could normally hold more that 15000 people. Spartans also had a barracks they had tons of weapons and some times they had training in there to. They also had their government buildings witch was a big role in the Spartan life. They also would have had there shops that they could had foods and clothing ect.
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An important battle of Sparta.

One battle is the battle of Plataea was the Spartans vs the Persians but from what i have read was that no body really no one won the battle other countries ended it.
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Greek Spartan Women

Interesting facts of Sparta.

  • Sparta is also known as Lacedaemon.
  • It was located in the Laconia region, in the Peloponnese, on the bank of the Eurotas River.
  • Spartan warriors were thought to be the best ground troops in all of Ancient Greece.
  • Spartan babies were bathed in wine and then presented to the elders.
  • Only Spartans who died in battle and Spartan women who died in childbirth were entitled to having their names engraved on their gravestones.
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Life as a Spartan

Life as a spartan was like any other kids went to school and boys had to go to military training and the weman had school and P.E. so they could have healthy babies.