Andrew Jackson

His Hits and Misses

Andrew Jackson Killing the National Bank

In 1833, Andrew Jackson had closed the National Bank. He did this because he thought that the National Bank was corrupt and only benefited the wealthy. Also in the act of closing the bank, he illegally closed it two years before the last charter had ended.

Worcester Vs. Georgia Court Case

The court case " Worcester Vs. Georgia" was to determine if the cherokee got to keep there land. The final ruling was that the cherokee should get to keep their land. Except Andrew Jackson didn't believe they deserved the land and took it and illegally pushed the cherokee of of the land

The Trail of Tears

In 1838, the Cherokee where forced out of their homes by American Troops. They then fallowed a trail known as the trail of tears. The cherokee where forced to walk all the way from northern georgia to Oklahoma. Out of 16000 native americans that walked the trail, 4000 died

Jackson Slaying the National Bank

this political cartoon of Andrew jackson shows him "killing the National bank'' because he vetoed the bill to pass another charter. He did this because he felt that it only helped the rich get richer

Comment 1

All I would like to say is thank you Jackson. What you did to those indians was great. They needed to move out of the way so we can move in. Beside we gave them some land

Coment 2

I am a human being. so what gives anyone the right to force me off my land and move me to some crappy dry dusty land that doesn't grow crops as well. Not only that but Jackson did it illegally. On top of that you killed off everyone in my family