Uplifting Black Families at FND

For Black Family Caregivers and Friends

Substitute Decision-making to Supported Decision-making

When individuals lack the legal capacity to act, they are not only robbed of their right to equal recognition before the law, but they are also robbed of their ability to defend and enjoy other human rights. Guardians and tutors acting on behalf of persons with disabilities sometimes fail to act in the interests of the individual they are representing; worse, they sometimes abuse their positions of authority, violating the rights of others.

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Wednesday, June 15th, 12:30pm

This is an online event.

Facebook Support Group for African American Families

The information shared in this space is meant to provide a unique look into the experiences shared by black families who care for individuals with disabilities and serve to uplift their experiences with virtual community participation.

This group page is an extension of the Family Network on Disabilities. It is intended to provide support and resources for families who identify as African American, Black, Haitian-Creole, African, Caribbean, or other derivative and reside in the state of Florida.

La Taasha Byrd, Moderator, Multicultural Outreach Coordinator, Family Network on Disabilities

“Striving for complete integration and equality of people with disabilities in a society without barriers.”

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