First you must be 20 years of age to join. You can not have glasses or contacts. For most jobs you must be mentally and physically fit. They will train you and make you exercise, eat healthy meals, and safety classes. Then they'll see what the perfect job is for you.

Life in the army

If you want to continue school they offer army education money for a college. If your single you will be staying in a apartment and move time to time with your group. If you have a family, they will offer town houses and if necessary, You will stay somewhere with a roommate. The pay will depend on how skilled you are and what job. Soldiers may get a 40k bonus if you serve so many tours.

Possible Jobs

Here are some jobs

-M1 armor crewmen

-Air defense battle management

-Quarry specialist

-Patriot fire control

-Air defense artillery officer

5 facts about M1 armor crewman