Come and visit MOROCCO!

What do Moroccans eat:

Breakfast: At breakfast they normally eat bread with, jam, butter and other toppings.

Lunch: At lunch they eat couscous with meat and vegetable or something else.

Dinner: At dinner they eat Harira,tanjia, they can eat leftovers from lunch and more. At the end of the meal they mostly have deserts and some deserts, a desert that they eat is orange cake.

Did you know that at the end of every meal they mostly dink a cup of sweet mint tea!

Moroccan sports!

Morocco play lots of sports. Soccer is a very popular sport in morocco. Some sports are similar in Australia and some are not here are a few sports they play: football/soccer, trekking kayaking, kick about games, golf, water sports, skiing and more.

Here are some facts about morocco sports:

1. Morocco has their own way of showing how they love sports.

2. Moroccan sports aren't just for the local they are for the tourist as well, and most tourist love to play them!

3. Hicham El Guerrouj is a athletic from Morocco for running.

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