Wayne Williams


Wayne Bertram Williams was born on May 27, 1958 and raised in Southwest Atlanta, Georgia. Williams graduated from Douglass High school. Eventually he constructed his own carrier-current radio station. In the years to come after that Williams was convicted to killing 2 men. Although he can be linked to at least 23 other murders in Atlanta.



On June 21, 1981, Williams was arrested, and on February 27, 1982, he was found guilty of the murders of Cater and another man, Jimmy Ray Payne, 21. Although these were the crimes he was sentenced for he was also linked to the Atlanta Child Murders.There were 29 murders in the course of 22 months in Atlanta, which at least 23 of them being linked to Mr.Williams.
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Before Wayne Williams became a suspect, the Georgia State Crime Laboratory located a number of yellowish-green nylon fibers and some violet acetate fibers on the bodies of victims murdered in the Atlanta area. The fibers appeared to have a common source. Shortly after Williams became a suspect, the investigators determined the source of the fibers' manufacture. The next step was to determine how much of that carpeting has been sold in the Atlanta area. Further investigation traced the fiber to a limited amount of carpeting manufactured by West Point Pepperell. To convey the unusual nature of the Williams carpet, investigators developed a numerical probability from that company's data. They determined that the chance of randomly finding a housing unit with this type of carpet was 1 in 7,792. To any experienced forensic fiber examiner, the fiber evidence linking Williams to the murder victims was overwhelming. The prosecution undertook to educate the jury about fiber evidence, using over 40 charts and over 350 photographs. In discussing the significance of an association based on textile fibers, it emphasized that the more uncommon the fibers, the stronger the association. The association becomes even stronger when multiple fiber matches become the basis of the association, which was true in the Williams case. Transferred fibers do not stay with a person long, so that the fibers on a murder victim are most likely from the scene of the crime. Expert witnesses testified that it was highly unlikely that any environment other than that present in Wayne Williams' house and car could have produced the combination of fibers and hairs found on the victims, especially when there were so many varied origins. Additional evidence linked 10 other victims to 28 different fiber types, only 1 of which was common. Nine footnotes and three charts are included.

There were also eye witness testimonies and circumstantial evidence presented into evidence

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Williams' trial began on January 6, 1982. The prosecution's case relied on an abundance of circumstantial evidence. During the two-month trial, prosecutors matched 19 different sources of fibers from Williams' environment: his bedspread, bathroom, gloves, clothes, carpets, dog and an unusual tri-lobal carpet fiber to a number of victims.

There was also eyewitness testimony placing Williams with different victims, blood stains from victims matching blood in Williams' car, and testimony that he was a pedophile attracted to young black boys. Williams himself took the stand, but alienated the jury by becoming angry and combative during a single instance.

Williams never recovered from the single outburst, and on February 27, the jury deliberated for 10 hours before finding him guilty of murdering Cater and Payne. He was then sentenced to two consecutive terms of life imprisonment.

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Possible bias or Political Push

The police in the county assumed that Williams killed all of the murders in the Atlanta Child Murders without a full investigation. Without new evidence or anything of the such. They had a bias towards Williams due to the fact that he did in fact kill those other two men. It was political nature also. They just wanted the credit for "closing the cases" without actually putting in the work to prove it. The cases are closed but should be re opened.