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Should students have to wear uniform?

Do you think we should dress alike in school?


Students shouldn't use uniforms. Uniforms are very expensive for families and they have to use that money for other expenses.
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5 reasons not to wear uniforms

1. Uniforms because people may not be able to afford it.

2. People don't feel safe wearing uniforms because of bullying.

3. some people feel uncomfortable wearing uniforms because they don't have the right body and they feel weird about it.

4. Kids don't want to look alike because in real life they are different and they like wearing what they want.

5. How come kids cant pick what they want just because they are smaller does not mean we cant choose what we want.

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Students Should use uniform

They should use uniforms because they look very nice plus we can find our kids fast and we wont even lose them. We are tired of student should to wear the wrong clothing to school just because they are all that.