Learning Splash with App Smash

Hello Teachers!!!

Learning Splash!!

Let's splash into learning. We are making the advance to start using App Smash to make our psychology classes more fun and interactive. We have chose to start with AP Psychology with the 11 and 12th graders. If all goes well with this, we will expand to the lower level Psychology classes.

App Smash

App smashing is the process of using two or more compatible applications to complete a task or create a digital project. So we will use the features from two or more apps to create something wonderful. The standards that we will be addressing with this App Smash is for Psychology. SSPBF4: The student will describe how the physical world is translated into a psychological experience. SSPVB2: The student will evaluate assessment tools and theories in personality.
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For this App Smash we will use the apps EdPuzzle, FlipGrid and YouTube.

Step 1: The students will go into EdPuzzle and watch the Psychology videos that their teacher has selected for them to view.

Step 2: While watching the video, the students will answer the questions that pops up during the video.

Step 3: After watching the video, the students be directed to FlipGrid, where they will enter and pick one of the questions from the video to talk more about. This is where they will complete the two standards listed above.

Step 4: When the FlipGrid video is complete, they will be directed to YouTube. Here they will be able to post their FlipGrid response. They will be sure to include in the video description what EdPuzzle video they watched, what question they expanded upon and what standard(s), they are completing.

Step 5: After posting the video, the students will send the video link their teacher to show that the assignment is completed.

Suggestions for Assessment

This assignment should be graded in sections. First, the EdPuzzle part should be graded. The questions that the student answered while watching the video should be worth 1/3 of their grade.

Second, the FlipGrid portion should be graded. This part should be graded considering the level of difficulty in the question that the student chose to go into detail about. It should also be graded on how thoroughly the standard(s) was (were) addressed. If the standard was not completely addressed, then full credit should not be awarded.

Lastly, the YouTube part should be graded. This part is the easiest to be graded. All the students need to do is post the video. Then identify in the video description what video they watched, what question was answered and what standard it satisfied.

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