Sarah Meister

EDEE 403

About Me:

Why do I want to be a teacher: In fifth grade, my teacher read to the class the reading levels for each student. I was the lowest reading level and everyone in the class ridiculed me for that. This teacher also gave me my first, and only, D in math, even though I came to extra help every Tuesday and Thursday before school started. The next year, I was placed in advanced math and still love to read. I want to prevent children from having teachers and scarring experiences like that.

Quick Bio: I'm grew up in Connecticut with my mother, my stepfather, and two brothers. My stepfather passed away when I was in the seventh grade that has made my family extremely close and they continue to be very important to me. After high school, I wanted to get as far away from my town as possible so I decided to go to Arizona State University. Although it taught me that I could never live where snow falls (regularly or at all) I didn't feel as though I was academically challenged enough and did not want to live/teach there. After I finished my second year, I transferred to College of Charleston and now am happy to say that I am planning on living here permanently. Art has been a huge part of my life, my mother went to Pratt and is a very talented photographer, illustrator, and painter. Her love for art has been passed onto me, I love to take pictures and I danced since I was five years old. I also was a cheerleader all four years of my high school.

Weird Fact: I had never been to Charleston or South Carolina when I decided to transfer here. The first time I arrived to the city and state was the day I was moving into my dorm room.