Andrew carnegie


Child hood and Earily life

Andrew Carnegie was borne in 1835 in Dunfermline Scotland mom/kides/loise whitfeld


Anedew Carnegie was best wen for fondling the steel industry so we can Have strong billdings heute helped by Bildung rairdthach briges transparent and crans.

Time line

  1. 1835 he was born.
  2. 1848 emigrants with his famile
  3. 1865 retired from rail rode founds keystone bridge company
  4. 1872 visits Bessemer steel plants in England
  5. 1875 opens his first steel plant Edgar Thomson works in Braddock pa
  6. 1881 he died

Character trates

  1. Charing because he want to take care of her mom
  2. Smart because cause he gratuwated coleg

Fun facts

  1. He was the riches man in the world
  2. He was on a stamp
  3. There is a high school named after him
  4. He has a Stacy
  5. He had his Owen cartoon