By/Claire Jacobson

History and Progression

In 1902 George Draper Dayton opened the doors of the first well known company of Target.

George decided to explore the growing midwest markets in 1881. He then bought land in Roseville, Minnesota because it had the strongest growth opportunities. He formed the Dayton Dry Goods company, but today it is known as Target. He opened the business because he wanted to give people an easier way to shop with discounted prices, and the newest products. He also wanted to expand the business internationally. In 1911, Dayton Dry Goods grew rapidly and it was now known as Dayton’s department store. In 1916, the Dayton company became a member of the Retail Research Association, and following up in 1920 the biggest flight ever at the time was from NYC to Minnesota, and Target’s goods that they sold to customers were on the planes. In 1946, the company gave 5 percent of pretax profits back to the community, and because it did that, it became the second American company to commit in advance a specific amount to give back to the community. In 1953, Dayton’s opened a commercial interior department, and in 1954 they opened their first branch location. In 1962, and the months before Target was open, Stewart K. Widdess was asked to name and define the new retail store. They then made the “Bullseye” logo. On May 1st, 1962 the first Target store was opened and announced as the new idea in discount stores. In 1967, after a decade of significant growth, Dayton’s changes from a regional department store to a national retailer, and in 1969 partners with J. L. Hudson Company of Detroit and becomes the Dayton-Hudson Corporation. In 1975 the Target Stores became #1 revenue producer of the Dayton-Hudson Corporation. In 1988 target opened its first stores in the Pacific Northwest, and in 1989, they opened in the Southeast as well.


Today the Target name is well known all over the nation, in giving back, discount prices, friendly staff, and of course, amazing products. I think target has made a great impact on society because it gives back to the people and makes it easier (having lots of stores everywhere) for the community to buy the goods they need at a low reasonable price.


Target’s best selling item today is the Kindle and Kindle Fire. The Kindle Fire is a tablet version of the Kindle e-reader, and it allows you to do many things. Such as; reading books, watching tv and movies, playing games like angry birds, fruit ninja, and board games, listening to your favorite music, browsing the internet, taking pictures, and of using social media. You can take the Kindle Fire anywhere you like and you don’t have to worry about it running out of battery, because it’s battery life lasts as long as a whole day, but only 3 hours with constant usage

But as i’m attracted to Target because of “Alex from Target”, a gorgeous teenage cashier from Dallas, Texas, you might be drawn to target for it’s great items, low prices, and friendly people.