Whatever It Takes

A Professional Development Event For Teachers

What is it?

Collaboration is a key ingredient to professional development. We learn best from each other, but we rarely have the time to do so. Your Professional Development Committee (PDC) will offer all teachers a chance to learn from each other through this event. The Whatever It Takes Professional Development event is a morning of new learning that comes from our OWN Raypec resources: teachers, administrators, interventionists, facilitators, coordinators, etc. The afternoon of this event is for you to take what you learned in the morning and have time to implement, practice, or collaborate with others. Tell the stories of how students are successful in your classroom because of something you have incorporated!

When is it?

This event has been moved to March 4, 2016

Location to be determined.

Call for Presenters, Facilitators, Leaders

What we need:

Individuals or groups who are willing to share with others. The PDC would love to offer multiple types of sessions, but in order to do that we need volunteers who are willing to lead, facilitate, or demonstrate learning and teaching experiences. Sessions we would like to offer: "Make and Take"-teachers learn about something and are able to create and walk away from the session with a product; "Stop N Shop"-teachers are able to walk around and get brief pieces of information or new learning from several people in an open setting. "Playground"-teachers learn about a piece of technology or software in an hands-on environment. "Student led"-do you have a group of students who would love to share with teachers about something they are learning or working on? Let your students facilitate the group. "Sessions"-traditional conference setting where a presenter(s) leads teachers in learning.

The "Stop N Shop" session is a presentation style modeled after the ISTE conference (International Society for Technology in Education) where they have "Poster" sessions. Your PDC wanted to offer this presentation style as not all people want to do a formal presentations but might be more inclined to have informal discussions with small groups of people. Watch this short video clip below to help you understand a "poster session" AKA Rayec's "Stop N Shop". (You will need to have a way to display your information but it will not need to be as "polished" as what you will see in the clip.)


The link below is a list of topics or suggestions from your peers about topics that they would love to know more about.

In the link below you will find presentations titles that have been proposed.

How can you help?

Make a proposal to ensure that we have a successful event. Go to mylearningplan.com and complete the proposal form located on the left navigation pane under Activity Proposals.