Greek Education

By J dow

Athen and Sparten Education

Athens studied music, gymnastics, and polytheism. At twelve boys were sent to a school where they could learn grammar and how to read and write, after this many people did not continue their education. Young boys who lived in Sparta went to militaristic institutions to become a mortal solider. Many people normally got an education from six to twelve years old.

When did you start school

When a poor boys education was finished at the age of 13 or 14 there was no where for them to go for a higher education until 390 B.C. Greek schools started up in 1518 B.C. Boys started school at the age of 12.At the age of 12 Boys at the age of 12 went to a school where they could learn grammar and basic logic. After this many did not continue there education for they were either to poor or they went to a school where they could learn how to be a good solider.

Why couldnt Women go to School

Women couldn't go to school. Many people thought women were only supposed to stay home to cook , clean, and teach their daughter how to cook and clean. Because of what the Men thought of the women they were denied an education.

Fun Facts

If you wanted to study for fun you would study with the philosophers. Most poor people worked in the fields and not as a solider