Helping Out the Lunch Ladies

By:Angel Valle

Why Did I Choose this project?

I chose this project so that they didn't have to do a lot stuff and have some time to take a rest. Which they have more time to make the food.

Orginizing the new supplies come in i get them and organize all the spices so they are more easy to find

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We go in the freezer to put the day on new arrived frozen food and check if anything is expired.

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I have to put the foods cans in order so they can just come in the room and grab anything necessary to make lunch and or breakfast

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I put all the cereals in boxes which they would have to do but i choose to do this which makes it easier on the lunch ladies

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Desired impact

The Impact i wanted to make by helping out before lunch was that they could take a rest and get more things done like getting lunch ready and anything else.

Markable Traits

This project has marketable traits by showing me and my work partner what working is like and that its not easy.

How did it help the school?

It helped the school by us helping them make lunch so the students can get some food.