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Feb. 14, 2016

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A grateful heart

My heart is grateful for..

....excited children who were thrilled to be able to share love with their friends and teachers on Friday. It reminded me of why I love what I do.

....Laura, Andrea, Carrie, Pam, Lydia, Annette, Amanda (student teacher), Heidi and Mary for their perseverance and great attitudes in spite of many challenges this week.

...Kelly, for initiating the Greatest Loser contest which has not only helped us be healthier but also been a lot of fun.

...Tami and Christina for working with and welcoming Evan. All of you know that having a new team member takes time, but it's so important to help them get established and feel welcomed.

...Linda Sell and Rosario who have both had to be moved or inconvenienced in the last couple of weeks. Both of them have had great attitudes about it!

....SPIKE, aka Molly, who made and delivered a Valentine to every child in our school Friday morning. That goes WAY above and beyond any job description!

Monday morning

We will start Monday morning with 30 minutes to celebrate good things that have happened to you or in your classroom. We need some time to remember and reflect on all the positives, especially when we're faced with adversity. The last couple of weeks have been more challenging than the rest of the year, and we don't want to lose site of the terrific things when the bad stuff gets us down. Be prepared to share positive things, growth with students, things you've tried, or anything else that others would benefit from hearing.

We'll spend a little over an hour with groups talking, then switch and have another hour for different groups to discuss. Special Ed teachers and Marnie will be at the high school participating in some specialized training.

The afternoon will be planning time for you and your team. As you are planning, try to incorporate as much differentiation into your design as you can. Having some additional time will hopefully give you time to incorporate ideas you may have had that you haven't had time to implement yet.

8:00-8:30- Celebrations


K meets with 1st

2nd with 3rd

4th with 5th

9:45 break


5th is going to Collegiate Academy

K is going to Compass Preschool

1st meets with 2nd

3rd meets with 4th


Come back together and share any outcomes or ah-hahs that have occurred.

1:00 return for planning with teams.

Small group minutes

This week's percentages:

Need more data!!

Small group reading:

Small group math:

Goals for the year: 85/82

Employee Survey-just in case!

If you weren't able to take the survey last Monday, the district will have the survey link on the Human Resources page on Monday(15th) and Tuesday (16th) so that those unable to take it on Monday will have another option.

This week:

Monday, Feb. 15

Learning Day

Tuesday, Feb. 16

La Academia Spanish 2:45-3:45


Wednesday, Feb. 17

early dismissal 11:45

Thursday, Feb. 18

early dismissal 11:45

Friday, Feb. 19

No Gatorville

La Academia Spanish 2:45-3:45

Bowman 2:45-3:45