By Callum Hanrahan


Prince 2 is a process-based methodology that is commonly used for managing of project. This will go through each of the processes when managing a project. It dictates that a project should be organised and controlled throughout the whole process.

Benefits: This allows for it to be controlled all throughout the process. Can also provide flexible points of decision.

Drawbacks: Only used in the UK.
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This methodology is possibly one of the simplest of its kind. It is one-directional and can be used to show how a project can be undertaken.

Benefits: It is very easy and simple to understand. Very manageable as their are no repeating of the steps. Works very well for small and easy projects.

Drawbacks: You cannot go back to an earlier point to help resolve any issues. Bad for long and tough projects as it is not forgiving of mistakes.
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A RAD model, or Rapid Application Development model focuses on the prototyping stage of the methodology instead - This means that it will create many different small versions of final project, improving upon it with each prototype.

Benefits: Because of how quickly the RAD methodology can be used, it is useful in short time period. It's prototyping stage is very useful as it can be repeated.

Drawbacks: This is not suitable for large-scale companies/projects. Teamwork is also an extremely important part of this methodology, as the numbers will be small, they will all need to work extremely well together to ensure they get it done by deadline.

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