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Mitchell Robinson Gainesville, FL: How to Stay Motivated

The first step to achieving goals is to get started. While that may sound simple, taking action is difficult for some people to do. The question is how to light that fire that motivates a person to take action. Doing it on your own often winds up being a poor long-term strategy. The key to starting out and staying motivated towards success is to begin by identifying what it is that you want and what actions you can take on it. If you are moving towards a goal, you must also be aware of a number of obstacles can prevent you from reaching that goal. The first obstacle can be described as not having enough resources. In other words, if time is an issue, if capital is an issue, or if opportunity is an issue, then that is something to be aware of. Another factor which may become an obstacle is the force of habit habits have a way of dying hard and if you have had challenges that are tied to past habits in the past it takes a concerted effort to overcome that.

A driving force is at the core of all motivation. Having a wish is not a strong enough case to become motivation because action must be taken to start the ball rolling. Only a strong desire for accomplishments is powerful enough to motivate the individual. Finally, the last piece to motivation is to take on these tasks in a series of small steps that built towards your goal. It makes no sense to wait for time and opportunity when you can be preparing for what your true ambition will produce. Mitchell Robinson is a Gainesville, Florida resident that is motivated to succeed in his career as a student and in his future career as an electrical engineer he studies at Florida State University and is dedicated to excellence in his academic background.