6th Grade Happenings in Room 20

Mr. O'Neil

September 8-11, 2015

Hi All, now that the first full week is over, I figured now would be a good time to update you on the happenings of our class. It was a pleasure to meet those who came out to visit for the open house, and I look forward to meeting everyone as we progress into the fall.

We have made great strides this week getting ourselves organized into binders as well as several team building activities in both Math and Science. Congrats go out to all the groups for a job well done building (or attempting to build) our marshmallow towers. We saw some great team-work and flexibility portrayed.

Math and Science

In Math we have begun Division using multi-digits and decimals. The curriculum will follow the Engage New York lesson template. (https://www.engageny.org/resource/grade-6-mathematics)
We will be working in a Math Workshop Model, which consists of:
1- Whole class Lesson
2-Teacher led small group
3-Independent Work: Of the days lesson
4-Open response/word problems in a small group
5- iPad Group

In the near future, we will be asking students to join www.khanacademy.org. This is a free site which will help reinforce the lessons being discovered in school.

We will be having a Science Quiz this week on Thursday. The topic is Changes to the Earth's surface. It includes weathering and erosion and their similarities and differences

Scholastic Book Fair

Monday, Sep. 21st, 3pm

10 High School Drive

North Brookfield, MA