Texas Revolution

Our alterations to the

What if the cannon that Green DeWitt requested was never delivered?

We figured that the best way to alter the Texas Revolution without completely avoiding it is to eliminate the "come and take it" cannon from the Battle of Gonzales, because it would eliminate hundreds of volunteers delaying everything... this would give the peace party a good chance to overtake the war party, and would likely result in a more peaceful Texas Revolution.

Tension Rises

Tension rises between Mexico and Coahuila y Tejas, specifically Texas, who feels disconcerted at Mexico's actions that eventually led to the Texas Revolution as we know it in our history books.

In 1824, a new constitution was made in Mexico. This allowed immigration to Texas for very cheap land; as long as they followed Mexico's rules and converted to Catholicism. Also, the states Coahuila and Texas formed together as one state giving Coahuila more political say in things as they had a vastly larger population. As the Anglos never felt attached to Mexico in the first place, first signs of rebellion are seen in the Fredonian Rebellion due to lack of support from Mexico and its basic neglect for Texas as a state. The rebellion failed, Mexico sends a reporter to Texas to report on signs of tension. This report was later known as the Mier y Teran Report. His report included information about the Anglos abiding slavery laws (a way Anglos could not adjust to Mexican life) and the distance they kept from Mexican citizens which caused distrust; and of course tension. Mexico then retaliated towards Texas creating the Law of April 6, 1830. This law included rules restricting access with the United States. It outlawed immigration, stopped handing out land grants, and also raised the tax on imported United States' goods.

One particular accident caused tension to rise. The Turtle Bayou Resolutions were held near the Galveston Bay. In the predicament, slavery was concerned and lawyers were involved as settlers were given an excuse to skirmish with Mexican soldiers because of the handful of freed slaves. In the two conventions, the one of 1832 and 1833 Texas listed their demands including statehood and lower taxes. Stephen Austin was sent to Mexico to deliver these demands and they were met, except for statehood. Austin sent letters to Texas telling them to declare statehood ahead of time, though these letters were intercepted and he was sent to jail in Mexico City.

A Basic Timeline (From Stephen F. Austin's arrest)

We know that in real life Stephen F. Austin was put in jail after the letter he sent to the Texans. When he came back, he may have been a bit upset, to put it lightly. He confirmed that it was time to declare armed war. Knowing this, Mexico decided that they needed to retrieve their cannon from Gonzales that the citizens had requested. When the Mexicans came to take the cannon, Texans refused to give the cannon back, causing the Battle of Gonzales. With only around one-hundred volunteers, Texas forced Mexican troops to retreat by shooting just one cannon ball. Realizing how afraid Mexico was, many volunteers joined the Texan army boosting morale and making way for hundreds more to join. With about one thousand men that were all eager to fight, the Texan army hunted down Martin Perfecto de Cos and captured him. Without thinking, Texans let him go. Martin Perfecto de Cos was Santa Anna's cousin, so he reported back to him. The Mexican army was officially unleashed, and then the real battle begun.

We all know 1836 as the arguably most important year of Texas history as the year of independence, but what if we could change that?

Our Theory

What if the Texans from Gonzales never requested the cannon? The “battle” that caused even MORE uprising had never occurred? The fight boosted the morale of every single last Texan soldier, and that could have singlehandedly convinced hundreds of Texan militants to help the cause. But with a different input, comes a different output...

What If This Never Happened?

Stephen F. Austin would still come out of prison frustrated, and willing to force armed war. That being said, Mexico does not have a reason to declare war because Cos' report to Santa Anna never happened. Mexico doesn't ever have to go and retrieve their cannon. There would be no reason for Mexico to attack Texas, letting Texas make a more tactical first move in the fight for independence from Mexico. Though, Texas has a significant drop in combatants and will to fight because the massacre at Goliad had never happened which arguably had more of an influence to fight for independence than Gonzales did. But as mentioned before, Gonzales was the first battle. Now Texas would most likely set on the front foot to war in Mexico because of Austin's influence and opinion to go to war at the time. Though, Texas is not very powerful morally or in numbers either causing defeat on Mexican ground and forcing a sensible retreat proving to the Texans' there is a better route towards independence. Perhaps more wars during the Texas Revolution would be made in pen and paper rather than with muskets and bayonets? Texas would now have to reconsider the peace party's ideas. Nevertheless, Texas would most likely still follow their path towards statehood/independence because of their relation with the United States and their underlying prowess.