Actor on Broadway

By: Marceline D'Errico

1. What is additions like on Broadway?

  • for woman it may work to wear a flower in your hair or maybe you look good in a bold red dress.

  • Men have it a little easier, it’s difficult to find a talented male actor. They don’t have to stress as long as they look well groomed and professional.

2. How long is a practices on Broadway and how many days a week

  • Once a play gets a green light it can open in a Broadway house, things speed up considerably.

  • It depends on the play to see how long the rehearsals will be and how many days a week.

  • Between the first day of Rehearsal and the first preview it only takes maybe a month or two.

  • A typical Broadway rehearsal is 6 days a week, 8 hours a day.

3. How much does a Broadway Actor get paid a year?

  • It is not much on how the actor gets on his or her paycheck than stardom

  • The salary range for a Broadway actor ranges widely on the actors notoriety, talent, and previous roles