7 Black Team Newsletter

December, 2016

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Artwork by Alexis G. (Look for holiday concert dates below in newsletter)

Holiday Poem by Juliana B.


Joyous, festive

Giving, praying, shopping

Opening presents on Christmas morning, Lighting the menorah

Reflecting, spinning, celebrating

Festive, traditional,


An interview with my family about the Holidays by Peter F.

Me: What are you doing for the holidays?

My Mom: We are going to New York.

My Dad: We are having Christmas Eve here with Grandma and Grandpa. Then on Christmas day we are going to New York to visit your grandparents on my side.

Me: How did you set up for the holidays?

My Mom: We set up the Christmas tree and decorated the house.

My Dad: We decorated our house and decorated the Christmas tree.

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Wreath artwork by Keith F.

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An Interview with December's PACEsetter, Tarek E. by Sam F. (Filmed by Kalhleif F.)

What are the 7 Black teachers thankful for? by Tarek E.

During the holidays we think of what we are thankful for. This got me thinking what are the 7 Black teachers thankful for?

Mrs. Luvert: Mrs. Luvert is thankful for her husband and family.

Mrs. Struzinski: Mrs. Struzinski is thankful for her family, Keith Valley, books, and music.

Mr. Sabaitis: Mr. Sabaitis is thankful for kind, hardworking students.

Mrs. Campellone: Mrs. Campellone is thankful for her family, friends, and that she's healthy.

The Lion King Jr.

Thursday, Dec. 8th, 7:30pm

227 Meetinghouse Road

Horsham, PA

Come support the following students from our 7 Black team:

Matt O, Sylvia W, Julie R, Ava N, Robbie M, and Taryn V!

Showtimes are Thursday and Friday at 7:30 and Saturday and Sunday at 1:30

Kyle is cool

Illusion Video by Kyle C.

Teacher Profile: Mrs. Campellone by Kyle A.

Mrs. Campellone teaches science. She lives with her husband, Pat, and children Sophia and Luca.

What is your favorite Keith Valley memory?

KV is a great place to work. My favorite KV memory was when Vince Papale came to talk to the students before the Challenge.

What is the best part of teaching science?

I love seeing students get excited when we are about to do our frog dissection. Students who may seem squeamish really get into it.

If you could travel anywhere, where would you go and why?

I would love to travel to South Africa. I have always wanted to go on a safari and to see the Great White Sharks.

Spirit Day: Kids dress as Teachers; Teachers dress as Kids

Philly Sports Teams: Eagles by Kalhleif F.

The Philadelphia eagles have been off to a good start with their new coach Doug Pederson and line up. Rookie quarterback Carson Wentz, their 1st round 2nd pick, has been doing amazing with 2901 passing yards and 11 passing touchdowns. Ryan Matthews has been doing awesome with 7 rushing touchdowns and 427 yards. Jordan Matthews, the 3 year veteran, is off to a good start too, with 3 passing touchdowns and 686 yards. Unfortunately, the past few games have not been that great. Hopefully next year they will be better overall. This all the time we have. Thank you from your host, Kalhleif F.

An interview with Arieanna S. by Tori B.

Do you think people treat students equally?

Yes, just because you are different in some way doesn't matter.

Do you think this school needs Air Conditioning?

Yes, There are also warm water fountains that no one likes.

Do you think we need to be trusted with our phones?

Maybe, because we are in middle school, but many unsafe things can happen.

Do you think students have too much homework?

Yes, homework causes stress which can lead to depression.

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Mrs. Luvert and Martine at the Pacesetter Breakfast last month

In the Classroom

Science by Kyle A.

Right now we are in the diversity of life unit, and we are talking about plants. We are going to talk about viruses, bacteria, protists, and fungi. We will be looking at them through microscopes. We dissected a flower on December 2, 2016.

Social Studies

In Social Studies we are learning about life in the 13 Colonies. We just finished exploring why people believed in witchcraft in Salem, Massachusetts. Students will be creating a colonial commercial in the next week to promote colonists to settle in a specific colony. At the end of December we will begin to study how the tension will grow in the colonies.

Language Arts

We have finished the novel A Long Walk to Water. Right now we are finishing an essay about Salva's survival in the novel. This essay is due on Monday. Our final assignment for this book will be to write a two-voice poem.

Math by Jessica B. and Jackson R.

In Math 7 we are learning about percent different. We complete problems to see if the percent difference increased or decreased.

In Algebra we are learning about slope. We are graphing the x and y intercepts.

Other December Dates

KV Choral Concert: 12/13 at 7:00 PM

Early Dismissal: 12/15

KV Orchestra Concert: 12/15 at 7:00 PM

Early Dismissal and Interms: 12/16

KV Winter Fun Night: 12/16

KV Band Concert: 12/20 at 7:00 PM

Early Dismissal: 12/23

Winter Break: December 26-January 2

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Winter scene by Jessica B.