Don't Let Your Health Rag On You

Solutions from offm (Organic food from the farmers market)

Is your lifestyle damaging you?

This is a question to ask yourself. Is the life your living causing you to crash in a downward spiral?
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Which looks healthier to you?

The heart on the left is a nourished and well-taken care of heart, receiving nutrients from healthy, organic foods. The heart on the right is a malnourished heart, that was not taken care of. Which one is yours?

It's Your Choice! Now or Never!

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The Coppell Farmer's Market Can Help You! Yes You!

Demand food from the Farmer's Market at your local grocery stores!

Do you want your life to last longer? If so, choose the right choice. Choose organic foods from the Coppell Farmer's Market, every Saturday from 8am-11am. Support the market and demand that the grocery stores supply their customers with the markets food.