Hi-lites week of April 25th, 2021

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Upcoming Changes in Faculty

It is always hard to announce changes in our faculty and staff, even when teachers are leaving to enjoy a well deserved retirement.

We are grateful to:

Mrs. Michele Prom, our K-6 Librarian for the past six years for her dedication to her students, the library collection and weekly lessons. We wish her time to enjoy her waiting stacks of good reads.

Mrs. Janell Paschal, a middle school teacher and learning specialist for 26 years at Highland Catholic School. We know she will love her time with sons and grandchildren, travel and creative projects. We wonder if her car will automatically head to Hi-C.

Also, Mr. Ken Backe, middle school english and literature teacher, will make the move from full-time to part-time teaching. He remains a national treasure.

I am very grateful to these professionals who stayed the course and helped students benefit from in-person lessons during this challenging year. We could not have done it without them.

Summer Extra Innings

Plans are underway for a fun-filled Summer Extra Innings Program.

You can find the registration forms on our www.highlandcatholic.org website.

Programming will begin June 7th.

Big picture

Suggested Resources - videos, books, podcasts, etc.

I want tot thank parents/guardians who took the time to share excellent resources to help with home discussions on racism for children. These are resources shared by our School Community:

Scene on Radio, season 2, "Seeing White" podcast, most appropriate for adults to learn more about the history of race and systemic racism in the U.S.

A Kids Book about Racism: https://akidsbookabout.com/products/a-kids-book-about-racism; most appropriate for ages 5-8, but because of its straight forward manner, I have also read it with my older kids, too. A Kids' Book about Racism was really helpful with my six year old. It gave me language to use with her that was age appropriate.

Several people mentioned, "Something Happened in our Town" - a video for children ages 4-10

One parent wrote, "My seventh grader loved reading the young adult adaptation of “Just Mercy”, and I read the regular adult version at the same time, so we could have conversations about it."

Animation Series: Something Happened In Our Town (#AtlantisBuild)

Upcoming Dates

April 30th - Friday. Magic Show - Top Two Pods. 10 a.m.

Magic Show - Virtual at 1:45 p.m.

We will get the link to our distance learners.

May 1st. Everything Swing 2021!

Don't miss the Virtual Program from 7-8 p.m.

So many wondeful pieces and have your kleenex ready for the newest Hi-C video featuring your kids.