Endangered Animals

By:Brylee, Haidyn, and Marlene

Endangered Aniamls

If you ever see a any hurt animal call a shelter for help. Your phone call could make a diffrence in the world to keep animals from becomeing endangered. An endangered animal is a animal that is being hunted to much or dieing from the food chain. The food chain is a animal that feeds on other animals, and if that animal dies then it can effect on other animals that feed on that animal. There are a tones of animals dieing or going to become extinct. Now we are going to tell you about two speices of endangered animals, but keep in mind there are many other endangered animals in the world and you can make a diffrence to save that animal.

The Polar Bear

To protect the polar bear you can protect there habitats. That will halp the Polar bear to stay alive. Glober worming makes ice malt. When ice malts Pengwends, Polar bears diy. when ice malts the bears haft to swim but thay can diy from droning. people triy to save polar bears. people say that Polar bears are the most beautiful animals in the would.

Panda Bears