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The Tiger's Eye: This Month's Highlights

Monthly Prompts

Submit your drawing, photography, and writing prompts to Mr. Kline ( and enter for a chance to have your drawing displayed in our next issue! We will choose a few to be debuted in our March issue of Roaring Voices Review. Write a short response, sketch a picture, or snap a photo for a chance to be featured in our online magazine.

Writing Prompt:

Write a short entry (maximum: 1000 words) and answer the prompt below. A new prompt is posted every issue and we are very excited to see what stories you can come up with!


If you could relive one memory of your life again, what memory would you choose?

Drawing Prompt:


1. Draw yourself as a superhero

2. Draw what you think about when you hear, "Valentine's Day"

3. Draw something that symbolizes winter

Photography Prompt:

Use the prompt word to trigger your imagination and take a photo of whatever you think about when you hear this word. For example, if I hear the words, "good night," i will think about taking a picture of the sunsetting and ending the day.


1. Shadows



About Us

Roaring Voices Review is a magazine that takes a student’s creative work and presents it for all other students to see. If you adore painting, writing fiction essays, and snapping photographs, this is a chance for your ideas to be seen and enjoyed by your fellow classmates. Let your work stand out and have a voice to be heard, there’s even a chance you could become famous among your peers for your skills. We have a wide arrange of art and literature forms accepted by our magazine. They go as follows:

· Fiction – Please limit submissions to 5,000 words.

· Novel Excerpts - Novel and memoir excerpts

· Poetry

· Plays

· Nonfiction – Essays, memoir, creative nonfiction. Please limit submissions to 5,000 words.

· New Media – Video, images, etc. You can make short movies and skits, but they must not go over 5 minutes long. These must be sent to using OneDrive, not email. Share with Mr. Kline (

· Cartoons*- Must be drawn on white paper (no graph paper or lined paper accepted)

· Drawings*- Can be done with pencil, pen, colored pencil

· Paintings*- We are fine with media such as acrylic, oil, watercolor, washable, etc. Any type of paint is acceptable.

· Mixed Media Art*- Get creative! You can make collages, use melted crayons

· Three-Dimensional Models**

· Fanfiction

· School assignments* — Entries are accepted as long as significant creative effort was put into them.

*All art must be photographed in order to be featured in the magazine. If possible, bring your art to Room

Why are still reading this? You should be sketching or writing already! The Roaring Voices Review Magazine is great opportunity for YOU to show your creativity and artistic talent and impress your classmates. Don’t wait… send in a story, photograph, or drawing to be featured on our website.

About Us

Join us in room 502 on Wednesday for our weekly magazine meeting. Email your work to Mr. Kline (


Ode to the Marching Band: A Shakespearean Sonnet

Shall I compare thee to a march in’ band?

Thou art less bus’y and more of a mate.

Rough notes do shake the people in the stands,

And football games hath all too short a date.

Sometime the eye of heav’n fiercely shines,

And oft they are burned down to a crisp;

You cannot hear, though their complains nor whines

Even though all their sweat is turned to wisp

And every game they walk and a toodle

By force, they rule the music of the place

But why dost they look like some slim nood’le

Those who hold the bigg’est and a drum bass,

So long as they’ll march for our sch’ool,

All will see that they can be pretty cool

Ethereal Darkness by Nicholas S.

Oh, woe! How the Darkness consumes!

It takes no shape, holds no form

But remains as an ethereal mass of writhing incomprehensibility

Diving into a mass of candles

Taking no heed as to whether it might be harmed by the heat

It is too cold, too wan

The candles themselves flicker in terror of it

It snuffs them out, one by one

Or maybe many at a time

It is arbitrary

The very definition of the Unknown

But I don't believe It comes without help

The candles themselves cast their own shadows

Because no matter how dim, no matter how effulgent

The Darkness sticks to the light, stalking Its prey

And no matter how dim, no matter how effulgent

The candle is snuffed out

Maybe it is the candle's very existence that culls the darkness

Light and Shadow are truly two of a kind

Maybe the candles should rejoice when It reveals Itself

For their paranoia may dissipate

They need not worry, watch, and avert It anymore

Their rest can be had

Their candles can finally be put out

Does the Darkness mean to bring woe or rejoicing?

Should the candles flicker in fear at the Darkness or should they shine merrily?

That is not for them to know

They are but specks of brightness

In a sea of the Dark

Oh, woe! How the light is waning!

The Big Apple by Ksenia S.

The caving walls of the subway staircase led into a new world

Jumbled noises formed a raucous grumble

I heard the screeching of city buses and the outbursts of street vendors

The clash of footsteps banging on the pavement

I could sense the wind swirling crinkled newspapers

And feel the breeze brushing up against the trees

Muffled conversations flew by me in frag-


The new sounds grappled at my ears

Engulfing me in their foreign language

The world was bordered by miles of towering buildings

Lively billboards and constant movement

Larger than life and

Devoid of silence

Action was in every breathe of this city

Clinging on to my mom’s hand

Details blurred as we strode away from the subway

I felt so small and distinct

A tiny piece of the puzzle

A single thread weaving through this unbound and quilted universe

Alleyways and blaring traffic lights

contrasted the dark and light

All of the details folded into a massive aura

Scents of warming hot foods, decaying trash, and morning dew

Wafted in all directions and formed strange musky atmosphere

The sun curved over the buildings

Igniting the flame of the day

I squiggled along the sidewalk

Like a worm inside the momentous action of

The big apple

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Artist of the Month

Quotes from his Memoir, My Adventures as an Illustrator

Maybe as I grew up and found that the world wasn’t the perfectly pleasant place I had thought it to be I unconsciously decided that, even if it wasn’t an ideal world, it should be and so painted only the ideal aspects of it,"

"The summers I spent in the country as a child became part of this idealized view of life. Those summers seemed blissful, sort of a happy dream."

"I sometimes think we paint to fulfill ourselves and our lives, to supply the things we want and don’t have.…"

Photography and Art

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Sketches by Ksenia S.

Scenic Views

Photography by Yana B.
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Grand Canyon National Park, Nevada

Death Valley National Park, Nevada

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A Little Hill called Ant Mountain by Sienna S.

The little hill makes and cascades as bugs move

Insects skidding across the hill

Atoms circling the encapsulated rooms

A plethora of ants scurrying just to see the outside thrills

Beetles surround the graceful construction

Queen ants, wee ant peasants, all crawl with food

From worms, to ants, to all bugs

Some people say they're crude

All insects border each other's hug

As they crawl to the bottom or the top

Something death-worthy, so they all stop

That's when a foot drops

Defeated by the enemy

For just an animal like you and me

Just look ahead and you'll see the destruction

Of humanity


Photography by Sienna S.

Go tigers!

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Water Fountain in Seventh Grade Hallway

Courtyard View from Library Hallway

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Song Remix (feat. My cats, Anubis and Osiris) by Ksenia S.

This is a music video i have created using footage of my two cats, Osiris and Anubis.

Please feel free to express yourself with creative videos. You can send them to be featured in Roaring Voices Review by sharing it on OneDrive with Mr. Kline (

Songs included:

"NO" by Meghan Trainor

"The Time" by the Black Eyed Peas

"I Just Wanna Run" by Downtown Fiction