Scott Kelly is Coming to Visit ST!

Thursday January 26th, 2017

Scott Kelly is a former NASA astronaut who is best known for spending nearly a year on the International Space Station and for spending more time in space than any other American. He did two long-duration space station missions and two shorter-duration space shuttle missions between 1999 and 2015. Kelly is the twin brother of Mark Kelly, who also was a NASA astronaut.

Kelly's scientific goal during the one-year mission was to better understand how the human body adapts to lengthy periods in space. Most ISS missions are only five to six months in length. While longer missions of approximately a year (in one case more than 400 days) took place on the Mir space station in the 1990s, modern medicine has made it easier to measure changes in the genes.

Kelly and Russian colleague Mikhail Kornienko both spent 340 consecutive days on the ISS tracking how their bodies changed. Kelly also did a “twin study” with his brother to see if there are any genetic changes from spending long periods of time in space.

Resources to Prepare for Our Big Day!

Please check out the resources below to share with your students to prepare for Scott Kelly's visit. Do you have more resources to share? Email them to me and I will add them to the flyer!

Highlights from A Year in Space

During his days in space, Scott Kelly shared his journey with the world by tweeting out images and messages. Check out the storify slideshow of some highlights of trip from space!

Time for Kids "Year in Space"

Astronaut Scott Kelly left Earth on March 27 to spend a year in space. During this year, TIME is following Kelly, his twin brother and fellow astronaut Mark Kelly and their families for an exclusive video series. In this first video in the series, Scott Kelly says goodbye to family and friends as he leaves home to prepare for the launch.
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