Immigration Stories

By: Cali Westervelt, Emma Johnson, Sara James & Baylee Hux

What did you learn from the immigrant stories presented? What were the major similarities and differences?

We learned that many people come to America for different reasons. In these stories most people came over to get more jobs and to have a better life. Some similarities are that they have original opinions about immigration. Some differences are that they all have different points of view on immigration. Some are border control, some have political views, some are teachers of immigrants, and some are immigrants.

What are some of the reasons people decide to leave their country of origin?

To have more opportunities and they don't make enough money to support their families. They moved to have a better life for themselves and their families.

What are the different challenges one might experience coming to the United States as a child, teenager, and young adult? Is there an age at which t might be easier or more difficult to make such a life change?

When you're a child, it would be easier because you can go to school and go on without worrying. Once you get older its a lot harder to find jobs and do other things when you are an immigrant. It's easier to come over as an adult because you can verify that you are an actual citizen. As you get older then people wouldn't question you as much.

How does immigration affect family structures? In what ways are families reunited and separated?

Immigration splits up families. There was a family where the father got caught for being an immigrant and got deported. He is still in Mexico and cannot come back into the United States to take care of his family. They are separated until the other family members are able to come over.

Watch are the greatest challenges for newly arrived immigrants? What are the surprises they face as they get to know their new surroundings?

A language barrier would be very hard to get through. If you can't communicate with others then how are you going to be able to stay. Another challenge is some aren't able to get jobs because they are immigrants. The United States may not be how they imagined it to be. There could be discrimination between the immigrants and people of the US.