Braille Reading-A Miracle in Theory

By Riley Wood

My Teddy Bear Mocks Me

The world became darker today

And inch by inch

Meter by meter

Day by day

It will get even darker

I am going blind

And when I think about it

Really think about it

I cry

And when I look at my teddy bear

I cry harder

His perfect, shiny, black eyes

Not even a scratch upon them

He mocks me with his



But today I went to school

And my teacher gave me a paper

It was covered in bumps

She called it braille

Now, three years later

I live in a world of black ink

But the braille

Beautiful along my fingertips

Helps me read

I learned its code of letters

And the inky world

Seems a little brighter

I think of my old bear and laugh

Who's the one to be mocked now?

The Simplistics of Braille...

Dear Mrs.Baker,

When you begin to teach little Kinzie the Braille system, you will find it is actually extremely easy. It is made up of "Braille cells", a three by two grid used to present the different letters, words, phrases, symbols and numbers that can be created. You yourself will begin to learn Braille, too, as Dr.Brian uses simple techniques to slowly teach Kinzie how to read the small bumps.

After going through her tactical training for her fingers, Kinzie will be able to find and feel the Braille with little difficulty.Though she is only nine, I assure you that Kinzie will be able to grasp the concept of Braille. It will make a tremendous difference in her life of no sight. Even with her learning difficulties (ADHD and ADD) she will most certainly be able to learn Braille. If you have any concerns or questions, please contact myself or Dr.Brian for more information.



Dr.Brian- 817-357-8976

Dr.Patrick- 817-331-9027

The Braille Story

Some Braille Fun-facts...

-Braille started out as a code for the military

-Braille was created by a blind Frenchman

-Braille for feet exists!

-There is Braille for things such as Scientific characters, music notes, computer notation, and assorted Foreign languages

-Braille was created based on an already existing raised bump system

-There are 3 different "Grades" of Braille

-6-dot Braille cells can create 63 unique combinations!

The Day The Blind Girl Came...

A strange thing happened at school today. The school year is almost over, but today we had a new student join our third-grade class. The stranger thing? She's blind! Her eyes are this weird milky white and they can't stay still, almost as if they're trying to look everywhere at once. She brought with her an aid who helps her find her things, sit down, eat her lunch, carry her school supplies, and use this weird machine thing that punches down and creates these weird patterns of dots all over these thick sheets of white paper. At recess, our teacher Mrs. Madeline asked the girl (who's name is Kinzie, by the way) if she wanted to stay inside. She objected, and her aid agreed, saying that she deserved to play like a normal child. At recess, I noticed a few things about Kinzie. For one, she NEVER stood still. She was constantly tapping or snapping or bouncing her knee. Another thing; she has an EXTREMELY SHORT attention span. Her aid would hand her things to feel like sticks and rocks, but after few seconds she would throw them down and move on very quickly. Nervous, I approached Kinzie and sat next to her. I looked at her aid and she nodded at me and smiled. "Kinzie," she said,"you have a visitor!" I managed a hello and she looked in my direction. Before I could say anything else, she cut me off and began to rant at me.

"Don't you DARE ask me about my difficulties in reading! You snotty children think I must be stupid! For your information, I have been reading perfectly fine with my Braille! You know, that machine and those bumps? Yeah, well I read with them and my fingers so BACK OFF!" I took a step back. The aid mouthed a sorry to me and took Kinzie away, gently scolding her.

Tonight, I asked my parents about Braille. They shrugged their shoulders and told me I should look it up. I did. Braille? It's AWESOME. It helps children like Kinzie and other blind people read. Using the bumps, they use their fingers to feel and their brain to understand what each series of dots mean. Hopefully, tomorrow I'll get a nicer response from Kinzie and she can show me the poem she wrote during lunch. I think it hand something to do with her teddy bear..?

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How To Begin Learning Braille...

To begin learning Braille, you will first be put through something called "tacticle exercising". This is the stage in Braille reading in which you will train your fingers to learn how to quickly seek out and feel small items. It allows you to not become completely lost when attempting to read Braille for the first time. During Tacticle Exercising, you will do actions such as feeling the fabric on your shirt when getting dressed to feeling mystery objects and describing them. This is just one thing done to promote the readiness needed to read Braille.


It has been a fun experience learning about Braille. I have gained a new perspective on the life of one who is blind. Some key points about Braille worth mentioning are as following- First, if you are learning how to read Braille, remember all of the different signals that come before a phrase of Braille that tell you weather you are reading numbers, music, capital letters, and so forth. Aldo, don't be afraid to speak up and ask for Braille resources in places such as school or work. To wrap up this project, I am going to give you a challenge: try to learn the basics of Braille. You won't be disappointed!