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Venables Bell & Partners in the commercial British Villains Rendezvous (2011) explains that British villains are best with fast good looking Jaguar cars. Venables Bell accomplishes this by having two British villains race to a house in a helicopter and a jag, the jag goes though traffic but stills wins the race, and the jag driver get out and says, “ It’s good to be back. “ The author’s purpose is to persuade people that the new jag is fast, sexy and it’s the best car around and you should go out and buy a new jaguar car. The commercial is intended for mainly adults or if you can afford it and uses a adventurous tone.


My biggest fear in life is not making, not being successful in life, not living up to my best abilities, not being the man God wants me to be not making all of my dreams come true. I’m so afraid of failing, something I really hate. Even when I was growing up I hated to lose at everything I did even though sometime I didn’t try very hard to succeed I’ve learned from my mistakes. Now every time I do something I do it like it’s the last thing I will ever do. I try my best to do everything right and not fail because when you fail and keep failing no one wants to help you when all your doing is trying. I was always afraid to ask for help because everybody just thought I would fail again and there was no point of helping me. Growing up with this fear was very hard because I always thought too much about what I had to do and trying not to do it wrong. When I think too hard and not just stay calm and focus my mind goes blank and I forget everything. My fear of failing made me always care about what other people said about me and made me so insecure about myself to at one point I didn’t care about failing I didn’t care about anything. I thought I was crazy but I just had to wake up and think and not focus on what other people say and just go do me and not worry about failing and know that I will pass. I strive to win and not lose, to pass and not fail but in order to do that I have to believe that I can do it and study and practice. I don’t think I would ever get over this fear of failing. The thought of not being successful and not making it in life is very scary I think that’s what really makes me go hard when I do things now. Not being that man I know I’m supposed to be even now the things I need to be doing that I’m not has to change. I didn’t have a lot of things that other kids had growing up and I still don’t till this day. I try not to complain about the things I don’t have and need but to know that my mom and family is all counting on me to make things happen that makes it worse and even more scary but also wakes me up and know that is time to step up and go make it happen. I think this is a good fear for me , meaning that It will just make me stronger and work harder , stay focus on what I have to do and my goals. I think everyone is afraid of failing and losing and some people may say failing is good because you can learn from your mistakes. So I wouldn’t put anyone in my places because it’s already a person that’s in it. To get over my fear I just have to stop worrying about everything and just stay positive and pray.

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My writing improvement

My writing skills has Improved a litte from in the beginning of the year, my writing skills were pretty poor. I was not getting good grades on any of the papers I had written.I still need to imporve my writing skills. Mainly I needed help in the areas such as organizing my thoughts and putting them down on the paper,writing a thesis, using run-on sentences too much, useing horrile grammer,and using MLA format incorrectly. I worked on all of these skills every time I tried to write a paper. I have improved on not using run-on sentences,

Writing skills are an important part of communication. Good writing skills allow you to communicate your message with clarity and ease to a far larger audience than through face-to-face or telephone conversations.Good writers use great grammar, punctuation

,spelling, and so much more. I don't want to sit here and lie to you about how my writing skills have improved when they haven't, not where it should be : i believe . Even though i had a hold semester to learn how to write i never toke the advantage of it. I played around and wasn't focus, so things are still kind of tough for me when i write. But i can see some changes going on which some what ok but it needs to be better for college.

To improve my writing i will remember and do everything that I've learned this semester and just write, write, write. I believe I'll be a good writer soon