#Horrors of War

By: Jose Flores and Nick Botello


War brings anarchy and terror to men of free will.

"Perhaps it was necessary that he cling to false hopes, since they kept him running from harm."

"if you are religious, i mean a christian, worship your lord today, because you might not have another chance."

These photos illustrate the anarchy and chaos that war causes and the dramatic result it leaves.

Horrors of War bring traumatic, life changing events among men of free will. Different types of horror can happen in war, people can lose their families, lose their lives, and sometimes even their innocence.

Iraqi police in Nineveh Province find themselves largely abandoned in fighting Islamic State militants because Shiite-led government is fearful region's police officers, who are primarily Sunni, will sell weapons to jihadists or, worse, join them.

Rambo 4 - John Rambo (HQ-Trailer-2008)

A.C.E Response

The theme in this movie is like the novel because in this movie they mess with a inocent man and make him take actions that he wasnt trying to go to. They brought out the horror and anarchy in him and made him go to the extreme just because they felt he did not belong there.
N.W.A - Appetite For Destruction