Jessica Ballard

Remember; Whatever happens, happens for a reason.

Describe something i did yesterday..

Something i did yesterday was stay at home and then spend some time with my mom. We went to the farm and saw dezzie and rode for a long time. We went to katana and ate there then went back home. We then just wasted the rest of day at the house.
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Something i do well

Something i do well is ride horses. I have always had a passion for horses and for their grace and beauty. I say i can ride well because i have been ridding for 11 years. I have the experiences and i may not be the best but i try to ride the best of my ability. I have learned how to do a lot more with her than people think we jump, barrel race, and we run. We usually just stick to running now cause she is starting to get hurt. I think i ride well cause i took riding lessons for 5 years then quit. I have taught myself everything i know to this day and i just mastered how to stand up on her.
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Something about my childhood

Something about my childhood is that i have a very good childhood for most of it. What i liked to do most was to go out side and play with my dogs and jump on my trampoline. I would always make my dogs get up and jump on the trampoline with me. I was a mean child i would always bounce them off.
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Something you learned last week

Something i learned last week is how to stand up on my horse. I have tried a million times to try and stand on here and stay standing. I finally got it and then i started to practice how to stand on her while she is walking haven't mastered that yet but hoping to soon. It i very difficult cause she is not used to me standing on her so she is scared to move. She also known that i don't ride standing up so she's not used to me not sitting on her.
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Something i can't live without

Something i can't live without is my horse and my cat. They are the world to me I would do anything for them. They have both been with me for 7 years. Smokey lives at my house so i always see him and he is a pillow cat he always lays on my pillow at night and if i don't have him its hard to gal asleep. Destany dosen't live at my house so i can't see her every day but i so she lived at my house. She is the sweetest horse around she will juts fallow me around like a like puppy dog and if i didn't have her i don't think i would be the person i am today.
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Something that I love to watch/listen to

Something i love to watch/listen to is country music and rodeos. Rodeos are so fun to watch they have so many things like roping, bull riding, and barrel racing. My favorite is barrel racing cause i hope to become one someday. I love to listen to country music cause it has meaning and to me the lyrics speak to me.


If You're Going Through Hell - Rodney Atkins by Mariscalme

Something I dislike

Something i dislike is when people try to judge me before they know me. I may be weird and a outcast but I don't see why you want to judge me and not know me. I hate to be judged cause i have gotten bullied all my life and i have just tried to put it all behind me. I just don't think it is right you need to know the person before you judge them.
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