Zulu Lessons

Take Zulu lessons, Saturdays at 4!

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It is important to know the language spoken by 20 million people of South Africa. Add to this number today! In order to understand the natives, you must know Zulu.

Every Saturday at 4 for 6 weeks

There will be a meeting at the Johannesburg church every Saturday for an hour starting at four for the next six weeks. You will learn all the basics of Zulu such as greetings, useful phrases, and other fundamentals of the language. By taking this class you will be able to converse with the speakers of Zulu with ease.

Guaranteed to learn!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is Zulu hard to learn? No. Zulu is very easy to pick up on.
  • Why should I learn Zulu? To be able to communicate with the natives, and become part of the growing number of Zulu speakers.
  • How much does it cost? Just 35 pence per lesson