Have No Shame

By Melissa Foster

The Summary of Have No Shame

The book I read and am going to be presenting is named Have No Shame By Melissa Foster. This book is set in the Deep South in 1967. The main characters name is Allison (or Pixie) who is set to marry her high school boyfriend, Jimmy Lee. Soon after she is engaged to Jimmy Lee, she finds a dead man , Mr. Tillman in the creek near her house. This was shocking and she had no idea what to do. As the book goes on she begins to bond with the son of Mr Tillman , and their friendship turns into a romance, and she begins use sneaking out every night to see Jackson. They become more than friends and have more of an intimate relationship. Soon after Jackson has to leave the town for more job opportunities in New York. Allison then marries Jimmy Lee and moves out of her parents house and into a house with Jimmy Lee instead. Right after they move in together, Allison becomes bored because she's just sitting at home by herself. She gets a job, then finds out she's pregnant. Jimmy Lee is upset because they have not had sex since they were engaged. She doesn't really know who's baby it is though because between Jackson and Jimmy Lee it could be either of them. Allison is scared because Jimmy Lee is going to accuse her of many things if the baby is Jacksons, and Jackson doesn't know that she is pregnant because he is living in New York.
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Could Blacks and Whites get married?

In 1967 the Supreme Court made a decision that interracial marriage was approved after the case Loving v. Virginia was taken to the Supreme Court and later was authorized. This is the year the book was set in but, in the South even if it was legal, it was not encouraged. Allison's dad was also very against whites having relationships with Blacks.