Come Visit Pioneer Day

3rd and 4th Grade SEAquest

Pioneer Day at Silver Dollar City

We visited many places during our visit to Pioneer Day at Silver Dollar City. Our first stop was the Oak Trail School. Then we ventured to the blacksmith shop. We also visited the weaving shop. Please read the articles below to learn about our many adventures.
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Oak Trail School

Our first stop was the Oak Trail School. It is a one-room schoolhouse. There were many similarities such as the school had desks, a teacher, and school books. However, there were many differences. Children of many ages went to the school compared to our classes have just one age group. The kids used black slates instead of paper. Also, there was a hot stove in the middle of the room and our classrooms use central heating and air. I loved the coziness of the one-room, but I missed the technology we have today.
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Look What The Blacksmith Can Make

During our visit at the blacksmith shop, we noticed many items that were being made that the pioneers could use in their homes. He made the legs for a grill. A toilet paper holder was created. Last but not least, candle holders were made to use in the pioneer homestead because they didn't have electricity. Those were the many things being made at the blacksmith shop.