Encouraging Student Participation

SIOP Lesson

Promote Student Discussion

In a SIOP lesson teachers must create their lesson to promote student discussions and also provide students with a balanced linguistic exchange between themselves and students. If a teacher incorporates this in the lesson they will have a better approach to participation and elaborate answers from students.

Encourage Elaborate Responses

If the teacher provides adequate time for students to think and respond, the students are more likely to answer with more detail. To help with this; teachers can get the student thinking more by asking "What do you mean by.." "What else.." "How is that important?" and "What does that remind you of?"

Offer Ways to Restate Answer

Students often have trouble restating their answers. The teacher should provide them with questions allowing them to think about their answer in more detail like "is that accurate" and "can you add to that". If a teacher provides these statements and time for students to think about their response, the student will be more likely to respond with an answer with detail and knowledge of the material.