October 11-14


To keep you informed on our daily happenings in the classroom, I will update my eClass page weekly, if not more. I will make you aware of upcoming events, what we are learning, volunteer opportunities, etc. Please check my eClass page frequently.


The Great Days of Service YOU CAN DO IT DRIVE donation collection will be Monday, October 17 - Friday, October 21, 2016. This year we will be collecting peanut butter and jelly, canned soups and fruits, mac & cheese, toilet paper, and personal care items (toothbrushes, toothpaste, shampoo, deodorant, soap). All donations will go to Gwinnett food pantries and shelters. Collection boxes will be located by the school entrance. Thank you for your donations and also please encourage your students to donate.


We are excited to announce that FMES has teamed up with Original Artworks again this year to offer a variety of products featuring your child's very own artwork. You will be able to choose from over 20 products that you can order with your child's artwork on them and it would make great gifts for Christmas, which is just around the corner. The order form should be in your child's folder Friday, October 21. All orders will be due Tuesday, November 1

October 14-Progress reports will be sent home


October 17-October 21-Bus Drive Appreciation Week-Give a special thank you to your bus driver!

October 17-Pink Out Day for Breast Cancer Awareness-Everyone wear PINK

October 21-Chick fil a Biscuit Day


All but three bagged books came back today! THANK YOU! Way to go!

I have created a bag with each student's name, a list of comprehension questions, and strategies that we use in class. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE encourage your student to be responsible with these books. These books are coming out of our book room, so it is important that we keep them in tip-top shape and return them in a prompt manner (EVERY FRIDAY). Each week I will create a list of the books each student is taking home, so it is imperative that each book is returned. If a book is lost or damaged, there will be a $5 replacement fee.

Your student will keep these books all week and read them each night. There are 3 books coming home this week that are on your student's reading level or the next reading level to push them further. I have not read these books with your student, so they will be all cold reads until they become familiar with them. Please spend 15-20 minutes each night reading these books focusing on the reading strategies that I have included on the bag.

Please let me know if you have any questions! I would encourage you to write these books down on your reading log. Remember, you can only write it down one time, though.


I decided that I would collect homework writing journals on Fridays and I will return them on Mondays. We have so much to accomplish during the school day that it has been almost impossible for me to get to each journal. I TRULY APPRECIATE you pushing your student to become better writers at home.

Promoting Incredible Readers

Please make sure you are filling out your reading log. Every Thursday, Mrs. Adams will ask questions about the books on your reading log. To get credit for your books, make sure you write them down. Go to the whiteboard on our eClass page to get another reading log. You can print it out at home and add it to your black folder. I have included a snap shot of what you are looking for on our eClass page.

We are having THE GREAT READING RACE to see whose hot air balloon can get the highest. The picture below shows our current race.

Currently, Hot Air Balloon #5 and #6 are in the lead of our race flying high at LEVEL 7. Is anyone going to catch them or maybe pass them next week?

Big image


Prize day was today, October 14. The students had a blast. Thank you so much for all of your hard work and participation in this event. You helped our school EXCEED our goal. Our school raised $23,716.38. That is amazing. Mrs. Pacholke said that this is the first time our school has met our goal since she has been the principal. All because of you and your dedication to our school and students, we surpassed expectations. Now, we will be able to have more books and more technology in all of our classrooms. THANK YOU!


Please make sure your return your library book every Wednesday. We go to the library for story time and check out. You can only check out a new book if you've returned the one you already checked out.


We will have technology day in our classroom every Friday. If you want, have your child bring his or her device each Friday. Depending on classroom behavior, we will use our devices first thing in the morning and the last thing in the afternoon.

We will still have technology days in STEM and Respect the Mill Days, but it will only be in the afternoon.

Have you visited my eClass page?

1) Visit: https://publish.gwinnett.k12.ga.us/gcps/home/gcpslogin

2) Type in your child's student number (200....)

3) Their password is their initials, the month of their birthday, and the day of their birthday (i.e. mine would be bg0315)

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