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your walking through rainforest you look to the right of you on the branch you see a green animal you don't no what it is so you take a closer look. It is a iguana laying on a branch. You can find iguanas relaxing on a nice warm branch in the sun. iguanas have many ways to escape predators. The most common iguanas are green iguanas. Iguanas are really cool reptiles.


iguanas live in many different places. Some iguanas live in the dry desert. Other iguanas live in forests. Iguanas mostly live on the ground. Common green iguanas mostly live in tree. Marine iguanas spend time in the water. Swamps are great places for sun bathing. Iguanas can be found on branches in mangrove trees. Iguanas favorite place is by swamps in tree.


Iguanas can blend in to tree's with there green scales and long tail's. most young iguanas have bright green skin. Adult iguanas may be brown,gray,black,tan,or green common green iguanas can grow to be six feet long. Iguanas have five toes on each foot. Each toe has a sharp claw. The iguanas crest runs lake the teeth of a comb down the center of it's back which makes it easy to spot. All iguanas have very good eye sight. They can see in color. The round spot be hind an iguana's eye is it's ear. Iguanas can be different colors and sizes


lots of animals can eat iguanas. Wild cats, dogs, snakes, and other lizards can hurt iguanas. Most iguanas often run away from their enemies. Some iguanas run to water and swim away form their enemies. Some iguanas run to water and swim away that all so climb trees to hide from predators. Rocks and logs are more places for iguanas to hide. An iguana can fight enemies with its tail and claws too. Iguanas have multiple ways to escape predators.


Iguanas have been around for thousands of years. Iguanas can not make heat inside their bodies so thay live in warm climates. There are many predators that can hurt iguanas but thay have many ways to escape. There are about 700 kinds of iguanas. There are many types of iguanas but the green iguanas is the most common.


mangrove- a tropical tree that has roots which grow from its branches and that grows in swamps or shallow salt water

predator- an animal that lives by killing and eating other animals an animal that preys on other animal.

marine iguanas- iguana found only on the Galapagos is land that has the ability to go under water.


by Sneeb Collard
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Hi my name is Coby Andrzejewski and my favorite rain forests animal is iguanas. I have a brother and a sister my brother is in the marines. And when i grow up i want to join the marines. I'm 12 going to be 13 on august 16th i lake to hunt and fish there is a Coppola thing you shoude no about me.