By: Anisha Khaleque; 3rd Period

MSDS Intro

Element Name: Khalequine

Atomic Mass: 53.07 Kg

Symbol: Ak

Discoverer: Alam Khaleque and Halima Choudhury

Occurence: Highly concentrated deposits located outside in nature, and extremely low quantities in bedroom

Physical Properties

  1. Surface Properties are fair skin and brown eyes.
  2. Boils when people lie to her.
  3. Melts when people keep their promises.
  4. Can cause sadness if given too much homework.
  5. Specimens can be found in various state

  • Sad when she has to do chores
  • Happy when she is given funnel cake
  • Angry when someone takes her funnel cake

6. Becomes stubborn and unyiedling when people don't agree with her

Chemical Properties

  1. Is repelled by homework and responsibilities
  2. Is attracted to sleep and Netflix
  3. May explode spontaneously when people are being annoying
  4. Requires copious amounts of coffee, sugar and internet
  5. Is inert if laying down on bed
  6. Will repel liars and troublemakers.
  7. Is impervious to the freezing cold in the winter.