Living In Injuries

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Living in Injuries

Many solders are living in injuries today some have lose of limbs even up to mental issues,but what happens when they come home?

  • The injuries of service members resulting from our nation’s war on terrorism make challenges for military families, especially military children. With injuries such as post traumatic stress disorder or physical injuries there are often dramatic changes in personality and behavior without a change in one’s appearance. All this is troubling for family members, friends and co-workers, and can be particularly confusing for children who thrive on parental consistency, trust and safety.

Effect On Military Personnel


The military branch your in is completely loyal to their men.So when a vet is hurt or has any type of disability they do everything to make sure them and their families are okay.Many become great friends and they look out for each other.Loosing someone from your Military personnel is like loosing a family member.Its hard for them to re adjust especially if its a higher rank.

Americas view

Americans view most Veterans as “broken” or “damaged.” This has become the cultural norm.All Americans view them as veterans that are forgotten,poor,homeless,injured but that's not completely the case. Like for ex more than 80 percent of Americans believe that post-9/11 Veterans are more likely than civilians to suffer from a mental health issue, and over 60 percent think post-9/11 veterans are more unemployed than civilians.(VA guess post 2014) But actually statistics say, Veterans have a higher employment rate than civilians 97 of the last 100 months.
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Military View

  • The military view on veterans is that they have earned the best health care and benefits America has to offer.
  • They also say they will work to ensure that veterans who suffered post-traumatic stress disorder as a result of their service have access to the appropriate resources and the opportunity to recover.
  • Too many veterans are homeless and without access to benefits. President Obama has taken steps with the VA to work with the DOHUD to fund the Veterans Demonstration Program, designed to provide housing assistance and supportive services to veterans who might be living in homeless shelters or on the streets.(CVA 2010)
  • They also say they are doing everything possible to help the veterans and their families on anything.
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Programs and resources

Where can vets go for help?

  • As a vet you many be eligible for compensation if you were wounded, injured or became ill while on active duty in the Armed Forces.Pre-existing injuries or illnesses which were made by military service are also covered.Although most service-connected disabilities show up during or soon after military service, some conditions may not have appeared at all or appeared but were not too "disabling" until many years after you got out of the service.

Programs and resources for injured vets :

  • WWP Resource Center
  • Soldiers Angels
  • Shepard Center
  • Wounded warrior Project


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