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9th Grade Honors

6 word memoir

Be thankful and grateful for everything.

Waking Up - a dystopian world creative writing piece

My head was hurting. I didn't know why but it had a pounding feeling in it and I had a massive migraine. "Why does everything feel so weird around me?" I thought. My eyes had not open yet and for some reason everything felt so different. I realized that I was getting up, but I wasn't in bed. I felt a road beneath me, and suddenly I was awake. I now saw that I wasn't home, I was somewhere outside in the middle of the road in some place I wasn't even familiar with. I was so confused. I looked down and I had a bunch of bruises and burns. I look around to see that there are other people too and they seem to be confused as well. Then, I finally realize that everything is burning and ruined and wrecked. "What happened?! Where am I?!" The guy right next to me asked. "I'm just as lost as you are." A woman said. We all were up now, but suddenly we are surprised from someone saying welcome, in a high voice. We turn around to see a man in a tuxedo of many pastel colors, a huge baby blue bow, very tall pink hair, and the scariest smile I've seen my whole life, almost similar to the joker's smile from Batman. " This was earth, but thankfully I saved all your lives and now we can go to a special place I call home." Last thing I remember was going to bed and having to remember to wake up early for my interview at the new job I've wanted my whole life, or actually, maybe I was at a restaurant with my..... I didn't remember. "How is this Earth, if this is Earth, why haven't you already taken us to your home, but isn't your home burnt like everything around us?" Someone behind me asked. The colorful man replied, " Oh how you ask many wonderful questions! First off let me start by telling you guys my name, Elik Athed, but you can call me Captain because where we're going, you will have to start respecting me and honoring my title." He did the creepy smile. "What do you mean?" Another person asked. Suddenly Elik slowly turned his head towards the person, and he fell dead asleep, I thought atleast. "Okay enough questions! If you turn around you will be escorted by my special friends and you will soon wake up and everything will alllll get better! Boys!" He cheerfully explained. As soon as he finished talking his "special friends" aggressively grabbed a hold of all of us and then everything turned black. I didn't even know what to think. I didn't feel anything anymore, it was like my mind was on sleep mode but my body was in control from another person. All of a sudden, I'm chanting "Cheers for the Captain! Cheers for the Captain!" It has been thirty years since this first happened, and although I'm not allowed to write, and I don't know if anyone will ever read this, but this was how I got here, to Acirema, and this was what was left of my memory. I'm being sent to go "somewhere", but this means I'm going to die today, but I just wanted to leave a trace of something from me before I go. There's my call.

~ August 20, 3016

Song Quote- Goodbye Blue Sky by Pink Floyd

"Did you see the frightened ones, did you hear the falling bombs? The flames are all gone but the pain lingers on". This song quote applies to the novel because it relates to a part in the book that perfectly describes what happened. Winston was trying to remember if society has always been the way it is now, and he was thinking about all the wars that have happened, and on page thirty two and thirty three he thinks about the first war that he could remember. Starting on thirty two it said, “Winston could not definitely remember a time when his country had not been at war, but it was evident that there had been a fairly long interval of peace during his childhood, because one of his earliest memories was of an air raid which appeared to take everyone by surprise. Perhaps it was the time when the atomic bomb had fallen on Colchester…(An old man;)his face was scarlet and his eyes were blue and full of tears”(Orwell 32-33). This perfectly summarizes what the song quote matches because when reading the two pages, it said that where Winston and his family were heading to avoid the bomb was a crowded place and a person where Winston’s family sat next to was an old man who was frightened and crying. What can be assumed is that the many crowded people in this place are all frightened and worried, all hearing bombs and doing their best to be safe and avoid getting hurt. Although there isn’t any detail on there being any flames, I assume the destruction caused from the bombs might create flames, and all of this chaos creates pain to the people because they are all feeling many emotions and are worried of what is going to happen to them and everyone else and their homes and hometown. I chose this song quote because as soon as I found these lyrics and heard the song, I immediately thought of this part of the novel and how it completely relates to each other.

New chapter ending for chapter 5

Although he did not want to say it, it frustrated him how ignorant she was acting upon the topic of this false history that is being educated. Winston did agree with what she was saying that certain topics are not important but the whole thing of everything being changed was important. He thought it was important because that is what the party wanted to do, that was the purpose, to make people not care wether the “facts” were true or not. Even though people knew that mostly everything was changed or false, they did not give much thought upon exactly why it was falsified. What was worse that came across Winston’s mind was that children are believing this and the people who now know that everything is a lie, there will be a time in the future that the kids now will have kids who will have kids will believe this and know it as facts and not lies, and the scary part to think of was that this being the party’s goal, fewer and fewer people will accept these lies that are being fed to them and the chance of overthrowing the party will decrease. That worried Winston because even though there was a very low probability, Winston dreamt of having a normal life where history would be true and there would be things that no longer existed like Newspeak and having to have a love affair without it being a secret and freedom would exist. The best thing of all was throwing down Big Brother and the party. “Are you okay, dear? You seem to be thinking about something.” Julia said. “ Yeah I’m just thinking, it isn’t important.” Julia smiled at Winston and then she got closer to him and gave him a quick but sincere kiss on the cheek then turned around and leaned on him, his arms around her, making Julia feel protected.